Nintendo’s Former President Hiroshi Yamauchi Passed Away

Nintendo’s Former President Hiroshi Yamauchi Passed Away

Nintendo announced today that former President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away this morning. He was 85 years old.

Yamauchi-san was president of Nintendo from 1949 (when he had to leave Waseda University in order to take over the position after his grandfather’s death) to 2002, and chairman of the board of directors until 2005.


He left today not without a bit of poetic timing, on the same day in which Tokyo Game Show opened its doors to celebrate Japan’s creativity and ingenuity expressed through video games.

Yamauchi-san can easily be considered one of the founding fathers of the gaming industry, having lived through its most tumultuous years since the inception of video games as we know them.

Our most heartfelt condolences go to Yamauchi-san’s family and to his friends at Nintendo.