Nintendo’s Loyalty Program My Nintendo Launching By March, Program Detailed

on February 2, 2016 10:06 PM

According to the latest set of slides from Nintendo shareholder’s meeting tonight, Big N’s next loyalty program — My Nintendo — is expected to launch worldwide by March. According to a rough translation of slides (see below), My Nintendo will aim for a full release coming (in thirty-nine different countries) in March — before the end of the quarter.

Unlike Club Nintendo which utilized coins, My Nintendo will have a two-tier points system using Gold Points and Platinum Points. According to the rough Google translation (see below), Gold Points are used similarly like previous Nintendo programs. They are tied to purchases and will be able to offer discounts (for instance, trade in X number of Gold Points for 30% off Splatoon). Meanwhile, Platinum Points are earned through acts more associated with the old Club Nintendo, like browsing the eShop, reading Nintendo’s website, and playing Nintendo games. These Points can be used to get Club Nintendo-like Nintendo-themed products.

My Nintendo will start solely with the points systems, emails, discounts, and download codes but Nintendo hopes to expand this to friends lists and cloud data.

Check out the full Google Translation of the slides below:

My Nintendo

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