Nintendo’s Newest IP is Code Name: STEAM

Nintendo’s Newest IP is Code Name: STEAM

Nintendo has today unveiled their newest IP titled Code Name: STEAM during a developer event at E3. Set in London, the game will revolve around steampunk airships which rely on finite amounts of steam to move and attack.

However, the title Code Name: STEAM actually refers to a secret group set up by Abraham Lincoln. On top of that, the game is heavily inspired by the Silver Age of comic books, with a number of the characters acting as homages to that era. And just for fun, players are fighting off monsters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work.


The game is developed by developer Intelligent Designs, the same studio behind Advance Wars. As such, Code Name: Steam will be a turn based strategy game that utilises action points in the form of the steam system, but the developers say that they’re also aiming to bring in elements from shooter game design as well. These elements will apparently be used to enhance the game’s movement and attacking systems.

Players will also be able to customise their airships with new weapons, boilers and characters which are unlocked over the course of the game. The main character however, has a special weapon inspired by an animal motif.

Code Name: Steam is set to release on 3DS in 2015.