Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 4 is In Development and “Very Close to Completion”

on September 7, 2015 11:24 AM

Timelines between releases of Nintendo’s adorable Pikmin series have typically been long stretches apart such as the nearly ten-year gap between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, but Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto seems to have confirmed that the next installment in the series could be around the corner.

Miyamoto confirmed to Eurogamer that Pikmin 4 is currently in development at Nintendo and according to him is “very close to completion,” with the information coming from an interview last July just disclosed this week.

Nintendo also confirmed the information in a separate statement to Eurogamer that the game is currently in active development, though the company detailed “that is all we can confirm at present” regarding the fourth installment in the Pikmin series.

It still remains to be seen of what we can expect from the latest Pikmin game, though with rumors indicating that Nintendo will reveal its next console in 2016 (currently codenamed the “NX”), there’s a good chance that the game could launch alongside the new hardware, or if it will indeed be released for the Wii U.

Pikmin 4 is currently in development – stay tuned here as more news develops.

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