Nintendo’s Stock Skyrockets To Highest Value in Two Years

Nintendo’s Stock Skyrockets To Highest Value in Two Years

Following today’s trading at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Nintendo’s stock closed at 14,050 yen, with a 4% gain during the day, reaching the highest value since July 2011.

There are several factors that could be contributing to the trading euphoria on the stock of the historical Kyoto-based publisher and hardware manufacturer, but the most prominent ones are probably the solid sales of the 3DS both locally and overseas and the recently announced lifting on the sales ban for foreign consoles in China, that could lead to the opening of a large source of revenue from Nintendo.

Below you can see the stock price graph of the last week and that of the last two years. Of course we’re still very far from the values shown before the collapse happened in February 2011, but every recovery has to begin somewhere. We’ll have to see if the trend will continue in the next few days and beyond, but on the top floor of Nintendo’s ivory tower someone is probably toasting with a cup of sake right now.