Nioh 2 is Getting a Closed Alpha Starting Later this Week, First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Nioh 2 is Getting a Closed Alpha Starting Later this Week, First Gameplay Footage Revealed

If you're lucky, it seems like you'll be able to play Nioh 2 as soon as this Friday.

Virtually out of nowhere, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja announced today that the long-awaited sequel Nioh 2 will be receiving a closed alpha period that is set to go live only two days from now.

As detailed via a new trailer for the game on the official PlayStation Europe YouTube channel, Nioh 2 will be having a closed alpha phase that will happen on PS4 starting this Friday, May 24. This alpha will then last for a little over a week until June 2. As of this writing, this trailer in question has only released on the European PlayStation channel, so it’s hard to know if these same alpha times will apply to other regions as well.

While having a closed alpha is pretty cool, this trailer in question also showed off the first lengthy gameplay footage from Nioh 2 and good gravy, it looks incredible. Combat still seems similar to the previous installment but the style seems to have been boosted way up. We also get to see some of the enemies that will be present in this game and I’m really digging some of their designs.

As I said, all of this is pretty much happening out of nowhere. Koei Tecmo first revealed Nioh 2 last year at PlayStation’s E3 2018 press conference, but since that time, we’ve basically heard or seen nothing of the game. Now, we can potentially play the game as soon as Friday and feast our eyes upon some new gameplay footage in the meantime. I’m definitely not complaining.

If you want to check out that gameplay for yourself, you can find it in the video below. I’ll also update this article once we learn for certain if this closed alpha will also be occurring in other regions, although I think it’s a safe assumption.

As of now, Nioh 2 is set to come to PS4 at an undetermined date.