Nioh 2 Gets Darkness in the Citadel Expansion Next Month

Nioh 2 Gets Darkness in the Citadel Expansion Next Month

Nioh 2 adds a new expansion that takes players back to Kyoto during the Heian period. It drops October 15 on PS4, so get ready to fight more Yokai soon.

Nioh 2 was already a solid action RPG when it launched earlier this year. However, the crew at Team Ninja has stayed committed to adding post-launch content. They already added a sizeable expansion with this summer’s The Tengu’s Disciple. But they aren’t stopping there. Next month, fans can get their hands on the latest expansion, Darkness in the Capital.

The second Nioh 2 expansion provides players with tons of new stuff to do. There are several storylines to fight your way through, alongside some diabolical new bosses. Plus, new weapons, armor, and tons more. Really, it sounds like if you’re a Nioh 2 fan, this is just a lot more of everything you love.

Team Ninja didn’t give the whole story away, but in their write-up on the PlayStation blog, they drop some hints. Players will go to Kyoto where a magical shrine transports them to the Heian Period. There, they’ll meet up with some of the heroes of that age to fight off the Yokai hordes.

My Japanese history isn’t the strongest, but a quick Wikipedia search tells me that we could be seeing quite a few samurai in this expansion. The Genpei War took place in the late Heian period, which was the big catalyst for transforming Japan into a feudal state. So, I would expect some major players from that era to make an appearance in Darkness in the Capital.

Nioh 2 is available now on PS4. The Darkness in the Capital expansion arrives on October 15. Until then, make sure you’re getting geared up and ready to go with The Tengu’s Disciple. You’ll need every edge you can get.