Nioh 2 Looks Awesome in Its First PS5 Gameplay Footage

Nioh 2 Looks Awesome in Its First PS5 Gameplay Footage

Koei Tecmo shared a 14 minutes long gameplay video from the upcoming Nioh and Nioh 2 bundle on PS5, and it looks great.

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo will officially launch The Nioh Collection, including Nioh and Nioh 2, on PS5 earlier next month. Along with that, Nioh 2 Complete Edition will also be available on PC on the same date. Some extended gameplay footage from Nioh 2 has recently shared by the publisher, captured on 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on PS5.

This 14 minutes long video will give a better understanding of how the game plays on PS5 and how different it looks compared to the PS4 version. During the footage, we get to see two boss fight missions along with lots of other encounters that mostly end up in bloody battles between the protagonist and the enemies. Also, a brief scene from the customization options is being shown somewhere in the midst of the video.

Aside from showing off the new-gen look of Nioh 2, this footage is a great guide for those who haven’t played a game from the series yet. Mostly known for its Souls-like gameplay style, Nioh 2 offers a story-driven campaign that can be played either in single-player or co-op modes. As a prequel to the original Nioh, in Nioh 2 you create your own character and start your mysterious journey in a fantasy world tied with Japanese legends and mythology.

Nioh 2 received mostly favorable reviews when it launched earlier last year. The game received some great post-launch content as well, which makes it worthy to get the Complete Edition of the game either on PS5 or PC. However, it seems there is going to be no new entry to the Nioh series in the near future as developer Team Ninja recently revealed that have a lot of other projects in the development process and currently there’s no room for another Nioh.

It’s yet to be seen what are the other projects that Team Ninja is working on and whether they are set in the same genre as Nioh or not.