PS4 Exclusive NiOh’s First Story DLC Will Feature Date Masamune; Gorgeous Key Art Released

PS4 Exclusive NiOh’s First Story DLC Will Feature Date Masamune; Gorgeous Key Art Released

The "One-Eyed Dragon" Date Masamune will join NiOh's rich cast of historical characters in late April.

Today Koei Tecmo revealed its DLC and update plan for its action RPG NiOh, and there is a detail that will delight the fans of one of the most popular daimiyo of the Sengoku Jidai.

The DLC is titled “Dragon of the North” in the west and “The Dragon of Tohoku” in Japan, and this immediately points to Date Masamune, who was nicknamed “dokuganryu,” which translates as “one-eyed dragon.” The Tohoku region is also the location of Masamune’s domains, including the city of Sendai, which he founded in 1600.

That is one of the turning points of the history of Masamune’s power, and 1600 is also the central year of NiOh‘s story.

According to the DLC’s description, William will travel to Japan’s northern provinces, which will likely bring him to Sendai. The presence of Date Masamune himself is confirmed by the DLC’s key art, delivered by Koei Tecmo via press release.

The character you can see below is most certainly Masamune, with his iconic armor, eyepatch, and helmet bearing a crescent moon-shaped maedate (the crest affixed on the front of the kabuto).

For NiOh he gained an appropriate dragon guardian spirit. He and William will most likely find themselves on the same side, considering that he was a loyal ally of Tokugawa Ieyasu. That said, there is certainly room for possible intrigue, as Ieyasu was known to be wary and suspicioys of Masamune’s power, and of the respect he commanded both among his subjects and enemies.

The DLC will be available in late April, followed by two more episodes. NiOh is currently available exclusively for PS4, and if you’re wondering whether it’s worth the purchase, you can check out our own review.