PS4 Exclusive NiOh Gets Gorgeous Direct Feed Screenshots Showing Historical Characters and More

PS4 Exclusive NiOh Gets Gorgeous Direct Feed Screenshots Showing Historical Characters and More

NiOh shows once more its rich cast of historical characters in anew batch of direct feed screenshots.

If there is one thing that looks extremely promising about NiOh‘s story, is the depth of its rich cast of historical characters, and the perspective to interact with some of the most legendary heroes of the Sengoku Jidai.

Today Koei Tecmo released a brand new batch of direct feed screenshots of the game showing just that.

We get to see more of Edward Kelley, the main villain of the game and William’s rival, alongside Yasuke, famous for being a samurai of black African origin, who served under Oda Nobunaga, and apparently (at least in the story of the game) moved on to serve under Kelley after Nobunaga’s death.

We also meet some of William’s mentors and masters, that will teach him the ways of Japanese combat and Onmyodo. The famous monk Tenkai and his beautiful disciple Fuku will help william learn the ways of esoteric Buddhism.

On the other hand, the master of the cross-spear Hōzōin In’ei and the Shinkage Ryu master Yagyu Sekishusai will teach William in the arts of the spear and the sword.

The player will be able to perform “Master Missions” at the training grounds in order to learn from these famous mentors and improve his own battle capabilities.

On top of this all, we also see the stage of Ibukiyama, west of Sekigahara. This once beautiful and mystical mountain used to be home to many spirits, but Yokai are taking over due to the waves of death and destruction caused by the war.

If you want to learn more about all these historical characters, you can check out our dedicated article published yesterday.

NiOh will release in North America on February 7th, published directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment. European gamers will have to wait until February 8th, while Japanese gamers will get the game last, on February 9th.