PS4 Exclusive NiOh Shines in New Gameplay Video: New Stage and Kijo Boss; Appearance Change Revealed

PS4 Exclusive NiOh Shines in New Gameplay Video: New Stage and Kijo Boss; Appearance Change Revealed

Today Koei Tecmo showcased a sizable batch of PS4 footage of the upcoming exclusive NiOh, presented by Producer Yosuke Hayashi and Director Fumihiko Yasuda.

The gameplay footage (which you can see in the second video at the bottom of the post) starts with the entrance scenes of a few bosses, Onryoki at 00:20:55, Hinoenma at 00:23:18 and Nouhime at 00:24:44.

Then the hosts  moved on to play the game live. At 00:33:10  we see the cute Kodama spirits that can be found in certain areas of the levels, and that can offer different kinds of protection.

Interestingly, at the 00:49:00 mark we get to see the armor that will be granted as a bonus to those who pre-order.

Quite a lot of gameplay follows at 00:52:10, showing the newly introduced Futamata stage, and culminating with a fight against the Kijo boss. The host actually gets really close to winning the battle, but as usual with Souls-like games, she gets greedy.

Apparently, the game really makes your hands sweat on the DualShock 4. And no, I’m not making this up. It isn’t even the first time it happens on a livestream. That said, the game looks great, and absolutely vicious.

Last, but not least, at 01:12:10 we see the reveal of an extremely interesting feature was showcased at the end of the video for the first time. Players will be able to change the playable character’s appearance to those of other relevant characters of the story, like Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hattori Hanzo and more. You can even change some elements like removing the helmets.

New appearances are purchased with points acquired by exchanging items that the players doesn’t need. The same feature also allows to purchase weapons and emotes.

NiOh will release in North America on February 7th, 2017, exclusively for PS4, published directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment. European gamers will have to wait one more day, on February 8th, while Japan will get the game last, on February 9th.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the new trailer and new gameplay showcased a few days ago, and if that is not enough,  you can watch more gameplay footage, and the trailer from PlayStation Experience, on top of another gameplay video shared recently.

You can also check out the most recent batch of screenshots, that introduced both the Futamata stage and the Kijo boss featured in the footage below.