Extended NiOh Footage Shows Off Ogress Boss Battle; Poetic and Brutal Gameplay Inside

December 9, 2016

Following a new gameplay trailer that debuted at PlayStation Experience 2016 last weekend, Team Ninja’s NiOh has had more footage released courtesy of PlayStation Access.

The video shows an extended look at the livecast coverage of the game fans saw just a few days ago, this time culminating in a spectacular boss battle against an ogress.

According to the commentary, this particular enemy’s area is surrounding by red flowers because she cries tears of blood, and her tears blossom into them. As the main character confronts her, she reveals her grotesque visage to the viewer, then proceeds to attack with long, sharp talons.


Each swipe does a considerable amount of damage, indicating that the game is keeping in line with its Dark Souls influences. The hero has a few tricks up his sleeve, however, as evidenced by the flashy summon he performs towards the end with a wolf.

The action title is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on February 7th, with two editions of it available: the standard, featuring the full game, and a Digital Deluxe edition, featuring an additional weapon pack, PlayStation 4 avatar, and season pass.

Ogle at the brand new footage below:

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