Nippon Ichi Reveals New RPG Destiny Connect for PS4 and Switch [UPDATED]

Nippon Ichi Reveals New RPG Destiny Connect for PS4 and Switch [UPDATED]

In this week's Famitsu, Nippon Ichi Software announced Destiny Connect, a brand new RPG for PlayStation 4 and Switch, releasing on February 28th in Japan.

Famitsu teased that this week’s issue of the magazine features a new game by Nippon Ichi Software, titled Destiny Connect. The game is an RPG for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, it already has a release date. It’s scheduled on February 28th, 2019, in Japan.

Judging from the first teaser screenshots which you can find below, the game features humans and robots living together and is a 3D RPG. The battle system is turn-based and may feature tactics RPG elements like most Nippon Ichi games. More details like the game’s world, characters, battle system and all will be revealed in this week’s Famitsu, which releases on Thursday midnight JST. In other words, in a bit more than 24 hours.

The magazine will also feature comments by Destiny Connect director Yoshihiko Toda and game scenarist Jun Yokota, from studio Syupro-DX. In the past, Syupro-DX developed The Longest Five Minutes along with Nippon Ichi.

More JRPGs are always great in my book, so I’m looking forward to this. It’s also good to see they announced the game when it’s quite advanced in development and close to release. We won’t have to wait long for it. Hopefully, Destiny Connect will come west as well. Most Nippon Ichi games nowadays do, so I think there will be a western announcement at some point.

Update: Here’s the game’s information and screenshots from this week’s Famitsu magazine.

Destiny Connect is a game where the protagonists, who live in the city of gears “Clockney”, use time travel to go on adventures in different eras.

The first character is a girl named Sherry. She’s curious about everything and loves adventures and cute things. If something piques her interest she’ll immediately try to learn everything about it.

The boy with her is named Begleo and is Sherry’s childhood friend. He’s very knowledgeable about machines and often gets dragged into adventures by Sherry.

Then there’s the yellow robot Isaac. He has a time travel function and it’s thanks to him the characters can visit the other eras. However, he’s missing parts, so parts of his memory are missing too. He was found inside Sherry’s father room and is best friends with him.

There’s also a mysterious boy in black clothes who saves Sherry and her friends while they were attacked by machines. He seems to be from the same era as them.

The story takes place as the industrial city specialized in gears, Clockney, celebrates the new millennium on December 31st 1999. On that last night of 1999, right as the new millennium started, time suddenly stopped. Sherry, Begleo, and Isaac will time travel to the past and the future, to find out what happened and prevent the time stop phenomenon from occurring on the first day of 2000.

The magazine also included a map of the city of Clockney. It shows the Save The Queen towers, which are the symbol of the city which was founded 1000 years ago. They contain many shops, selling household appliances, food, and daily necessities. There’s Café Blossom, owned by Sherry’s grandmother, Linda. The shop’s specialty is cherry pies, and it has a nice, retro feeling decoration. The last place is the Pakpharlen Collector Pools, a workshop owned by a professor called Pakpharlens, who repairs robots.

Next, the battle system was explained. It’s a typical 3D RPG battle system. Enemies are visible as symbols on the map, and touching them makes you enter battles. They’re turn-based, and turn order is decided by speed. Sherry and her friends learn skills when leveling up too. When going to Pakpharlens’ workshop, you can also change Isaac’s parts, affecting his abilities and skills in battle by making him change forms. You can make him look just like a firefighter for example. The basic yellow appearance of Isaac is called the “Guardian Form”.

Director Yoshihiko Toda shared in his comments that when thinking about the game, he was wondering what kind of games people of his era (people past 30) enjoy nowadays. He wants to make with Destiny Connect a game that feels both nostalgic and new at the same time. As if a Snes RPG was made with current technology and with 3D graphics.

Game scenarist Jun Yokota said one of the inspirations for the game’s scenario is obviously the wild theories that became famous before 2000, where people thought computers would malfunction because of the “2000 bug” and similar stories, which all turned false. The idea behind Destiny Connect is that those stories were actually true and that heroes actually prevented them from happening.

Included below are some artworks and screenshots showing the characters, some enemy robots, a battle, the town’s map, and Isaac’s customization screen.