Nippon Ichi Software Reveals That if PS4 Exclusive Disgaea 5 Isn’t Successful, They “Might Not Still be in Business” (UPDATED)

on December 10, 2014 2:44 AM

Update: Nippon Ichi responded with an official statement, which can be found here.

Dengeki Playstation released a new questionnaire this week featuring 107 Japanese developers speaking on upcoming projects and news about their studio. While the Dragon’s Dogma developers had great news, Nippon Ichi Software left an alarming message (credit to NeoGAF poster zeromcd73 for the translation).

According to Nippon Ichi Software’s Sohei Niikawa:

If Disgaea 5 doesn’t sell as planned then we might not still be in business the year after. Even though Bloodborne is now releasing the same day, we really hope people will pick up both titles at once.

Earlier this year, it was mentioned that the company would be targeting 150,000 copies sold in Japan for the PS4 exclusive. For reference, the highest selling Disgaea title thus far Japan was for PS Vita at around 70,000 units, and the numbers drop off steeply for console releases.

Most likely the statement and targeted sales derive from faltering business. Hopefully, fans in Japan will support the title well enough to keep the beloved cult company alive.

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