Nippon Ichi Software Launches a New Teaser Site for an Unknown Title with 360-Degree Video

Nippon Ichi Software is teasing a new game with a recently launched teaser site and a video that viewers can navigate in 360 degrees. We're getting some horror vibes off of it.

on April 24, 2017 9:17 PM

Nippon Ichi Software has launched a brand new teaser site for an unknown title. We’re thinking it might be something a little scary.

The website that has now been opened up only includes a video of a creepy 360-degree walk at night. The video is called Nippon Ichi Software New Title (360-degree Movie), and it’s giving off some VR horror vibes. Things start a little slow in the video, but I quickly got my ugly, frightened cringe face on by the end.

It remains unclear what this title is, when it will release, or when an announcement will release. But if we know NIS, we’re likely to learn more as the week goes on.

Nippon Ichi Software America recently released A Rose in the Twilight, which we thought was also a pretty creepy game. It was good, but creepy… Check out the review on DualShockers now!

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