Nippon Ichi Working on an Action RPG: The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers

Nippon Ichi Working on an Action RPG: The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers

As if Nippon Ichi hadn’t surprised us enough with the promise of PC and Xbox 360 development, Dengeki PlayStation has details on a new action RPG that the company is working on titled The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers. The game supposedly will have a seamless, open world (possibly like Skyrim?) and very action-oriented combat.

The game revolves around a witch named Metallica (I know, right?). It gets a bit Knights in the Nightmare-like because you don’t actually control her, you control the “Hundred Soldiers”, which Metallica can summon either in solo, or in a group. The more soldiers she has out, the shorter time she has them available.


It seems pretty interesting to me. Dengeki also detailed some more of the main game features, which you can check out after the break.

  • The power that Metallica uses to summon the soldiers, or Hyakkihei, is called GIGAcal.
  • You have a “base of operations” in the form of Metallica’s house. Outside the house is the open world filled with the typical RPG tropes – monsters, quests, NPCs, etc. Your job is to expand the world you have available to you by ridding it of the darkness that is filling it.
  • You can lose items when you die.
  • As mentioned, you can summon 99 other soldiers, and the more you have out, the shorter period of time they’re available. You can have one solider out for much longer than you can have 10 out.
  • The AI will remember your actions. You can accept or deny quests, attack NPCs and all sorts of stuff (similar to Western RPGs like Skyrim or Fable), however the residents of the world will adjust accordingly. If you piss off enough people in one town, you may not be able to enter at all.

The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers is in development by the Prinny team at Nippon Ichi and will have around 30 hours of gameplay to complete the story. They’re aiming for a Spring 2012 release in Japan at the moment, and it is planned to be a PS3-exclusive RPG.

I’m quite interested in this concept, because it seems quite different from the typical design philosophy for JRPGs. Usually you don’t see huge, open, sanbox-style worlds in Japanese-developed RPGs, that’s more of a Western thing. So it’s quite exciting to keep and eye on the direction this title may be going.