Nippon Ichi’s “htoL#NiQ – Hotaru no Nikki” Involves a Firefly, a Little Girl and Some Creepy Ruins

on March 19, 2014 3:43 PM

Hotaru_Sprites (1)Nippon Ichi is breaking out a new title on June 19th, but this one’s a little different: it’s about a firefly (controlled by the player) whose job it is to lead a young girl out of the ruins she’s trapped in by illuminating her path along the way.

The little girl’s name is Mion (pictured left) and she’s trapped at the very bottom of the ruins in some sort of cabin that’s ready to collapse at any moment. She unfortunately lost her memories and therefore has no recollection of how she ended up in the ruins in the first place.

Her firefly savior is named Hotaru and slowly leads her to safety. The reason for it helping Mion is currently unknown.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be another firefly also aiding Mion and its name is Kagehotaru.

The game, given the bizarre name of htoL#NiQ – Hotaru no Nikki, will be released for PS Vita and will use both touch screens in order to manipulate the fireflies and lead Mion. Another mechanic is the switching between light and shadow worlds. If there’s an inaccessible area in the light world with Hotaru, switching to Kagehotaru in the Shadow world will help the player to progress.

Naturally there are perils throughout this journey, including shadow enemies (literally shadows on the wall shaped like monsters) that try to kill Mion as she goes along. The full gallery of the title’s beautiful 2D backgrounds can be found below.

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