NIS America Announces Anime Expo Schedule and Exclusive Merch

on June 26, 2011 10:00 AM

NIS America’s got a pretty boss lineup of guests for this year’s Anime Expo. Attendees will be able to meet up with Sohei Niikawa, producer of the Disgaea series, and, in a much less videogame-related, but still cool appearance, Miyuki Sawashiro, voice of Maria from Arakawa Under The Bridge and (though this isn’t what she’s there for) Catherine from the game of the same name. Sucks they couldn’t get the mangaka or someone who had an important role in making the show or a voice actor/actress of a more important character, but it’s still okay.

Both of the guests will be having autograph signings, and buying products related to why they’re there (like a Disgaea 4 print or a copy of the game or the Arakawa Under The Bridge Premium Edition) will get you a better spot in line to meet up with them.

You can also pick up copies of the Disgaea 4 prints and the figure part of the Disgaea 4 Premium Figure Set and the Arakawa DVDs before they get wide release. Buying anything from them will also get you a free set of Prinny silly bands.

(Also, it’s not videogame-related at all, but you should really pick up Arakawa Under The Bridge. It’s fantastic.)

Exact times for the events can be found at Anime Expo’s site.

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