NIS Promises More PS3 Support in 2010, Dood!

NIS Promises More PS3 Support in 2010, Dood!

Nippon Ichi Software – of Disgaea fame – has been pouring a lot of its support lately into Sony’s hand-held platform and seemingly ignoring the mother system.  I will have to say, though, that when NIS decides to support a PS3 game, they go all out.  Just look at the amount of extra content that’s still being released for Disgaea 3 on the PlayStation Store.

In the coming months they have three titles planned for the PSP –Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku, Prinny 2 and Classic Dungeon. Granted, they’re some pretty nice offerings for fans of the developer, but their support of the PS3 with new software is pretty much nil at the moment.

The CEO of Nippon Ichi, however, had some words of encouragement for PS3 fans of their software in the latest Degenki PlayStation magazine. It would appear they will be putting more emphasis on the PS3 this year, possibly after their early-year offerings on the PSP. What these games will be he didn’t say, but could a Disgaea 4 be in the works? That’s an awfully popular series and I don’t feel the previous title made use of the powerhouse PS3 the way it could have. Only time will tell, but there is hope for their fans who own the PS3.

In the mean time – Prinny 2, dood!