EA Confirms No New Battlefield Next Year; Star Wars Battlefront 2 “Much Bigger, Much More Exciting”

EA Confirms No New Battlefield Next Year; Star Wars Battlefront 2 “Much Bigger, Much More Exciting”

At the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program Conference in London, Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about the plans on the upcoming games within the Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront franchises.

First of all, Jorgensen confirmed that next year there won’t won’t be a new Battlefield game:

“We won’t have another Battlefield back for a couple of years, next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game.”

Following, Jorgensen was asked to talk about Star Wars: Battlefront, confirming the 14 million units sold figure, and that’s something he considers selling “very well, particularly for a first time title.” He continued mentioning that the company is “very excited” about how the game came out last year, since it’s a beautiful and beloved game, and the criticism was more about the fact that people wanted more.

“We’re taking that criticism to heart as we’re building the next game, and we’re trying to address any of the issue that it had”

He then confirmed that the next Star Wars Battlefront will feature content from the new movies, making “the opportunity much larger.” Lastly, he promised that the next game will be bigger and more exciting.

“There seems to be no waning in excitement around the Star Wars world. We’ve got another movie coming up obviously in a few weeks, and people are very excited about it. So we’re looking forward to bringing to the table next year a much bigger, much more exciting Battlefront for consumers.”

Star Wars Battlefront will get its Rogue One-inspired virtual reality experience on December 6th, and Jorgensen himself mentioned during EA’s lastest financial conference call that the development team is  the next game of the series is “working very hard” to make sure that the next game is an “extremely deep and engaging offering.”

Earlier this year, EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund hinted that the the next game might include a single player story mode, even if he did not fully confirm it explicitly.