No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Revealed Exclusively for Nintendo Switch

The next game in the No More Heroes series, titled "Travis Strikes Again", has been unveiled after being teased earlier in 2017.

August 30, 2017

Earlier this year, famed developer Goichi “Suda51” Suda appeared during Nintendo’s Switch live stream in January to talk about the future of one of his most popular characters, Travis Touchdown. While not many details were given about the No More Heroes protagonist’s next game, we knew that it would be arriving on the Switch.

Today, during the Nindies Summer Showcase 2017, we learned just what this new project is. To close the live stream, we received a new trailer for the next game in the No More Heroes franchise titled No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back.

While the trailer didn’t showcase any gameplay from the next installment, it did feature Travis Touchdown looking better than ever thanks to Travis Strikes Back utilizing Unreal Engine 4. We also get some witty comments from Travis talking directly to the gamers, as well as a quick glimpse of him playing the indie hit Hotline Miami in the background of one of the scenes. The trailer ends with a game console in the room coming to life and attacking Travis and his dueling opponent, The Bat.


After the trailer ends, we learned a bit more about the story within No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back and in turn understand a bit more about how it might play. To begin, Travis Strikes Back picks up seven years after the events of No More Heroes where The Bat, the masked character we see in the trailer, is out to exact revenge on Travis for killing his daughter. As the battle between the two begin however, they are sucked into a game console called the Death Drive Mk. II where the find themselves trapped within. To escape, they must defeat the console’s six different games alongside their respective bosses.

While No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back will be developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and directed by Suda51, certain indie developers will also be collaborating on the project. As of now, the only crossover that has been teased is with the developers of the aforementioned Hotline Miami. This seems like a fantastic idea and it will be interesting to see how a variety of indie devs influence the gameplay of No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back.

Lastly, we learn that No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back will be coming next year in 2018 and it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to watch the reveal trailer for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back, you can find it below. It has been ten years since the original No More Heroes was released on the Nintendo Wii, so today’s announcement is definitely an exciting one for fans who have been dying to see Travis Touchdown return since his last adventure in 2010. There’s still a lot left to learn about No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back and we will surely see more of it as we near its release in 2018.

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