No LAN or Dedicated Servers For BioShock 2

on January 28, 2010 10:20 AM

There might just be a handful of upset gamers who expected certain things from the multiplayer aspect of BioShock 2. Apparently, LAN and dedicated servers have been omitted from both the console and PC version of 2K Games’ upcoming sequel.

The Cult of Rapture had listed a Q&A list of multiplayer related fundamentals. Sadly, though, neither LAN support dedicated server were able to make it to the list. The developers of BioShock 2’s multiplayer, Digital Extremes, wanted to ensure that they created a concrete foundation for the game, as it is the most important element to any game.

Like Modern Warfare 2, we can expect gamers to revolt, rise up, and start creating petitions in the masses – It’s just the way it might go down. But, then again, BioShock isn’t known for multiplayer, although it is a great addition. I’m thinking people will rather enjoy the campaign, than devote their resources to a multiplayer they haven’t experienced yet. For all we know, it might not even be that good.

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