No Man’s Sky Beyond Gets Stylish New Box Art That Speaks Volumes

No Man’s Sky Beyond Gets Stylish New Box Art That Speaks Volumes

The future of No Man's Sky is looking pretty grand thanks to some swanky new box art.

No Man’s Sky next major update, titled No Man’s Sky Beyond, is on the horizon for a Summer 2019 launch. Hello Games founder Sean Murray took to Twitter this morning (east coast time, anyway) and shared the new box art that No Man’s Sky Beyond will have when it launches. It encapsulates all the announced features for the massive summer update in a stylish way. You can see it in its full glory down below.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is set to contain three major components whenever it launches. The first is an online-centric mode aptly dubbed No Man’s Sky Online. Murray described this mode as “a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.” No more information has been revealed about this new way to connect online, but it may be the next step from the multiplayer mode introduced in No Man’s Sky Next.

The second key update is the inclusion of full-blown VR support; both on PSVR and PC. Revealed back during PlayStation’s State of Play stream, No Man’s Sky will be fully playable in VR. No segmented community with this playable format either: You can play in VR with anyone, whether or not they have VR also. Your save is the same too. This is supposed to be the same No Man’s Sky through and through. This has been the most exciting announcement to the game for myself and has me itching to download and try the game again for the first time since it launched back in 2016. The third element of this major update hasn’t been announced as of this writing.

The game’s box art changes over the course of its life practically tell the tale of the game’s evolution. Back when No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, the original art was a lone explorer with a space ship, some funky space animals and a few flying ships off in the distance. For the No Man’s Sky Next update, a crucial addition was made. Instead of a lone explorer, there were now four, clearly sharing that multiplayer was a core element of the game now. For No Man’s Sky Beyond, an explorer’s helmet takes center stage. You can see the reflection of No Man’s Sky Next‘s box art in the visor, indicating that multiplayer is still key to this particular update. But with the focus now being on the helmet, there is a strong emphasis on the ability to put on your own helmet, so to speak, and engage in the galaxy in a whole new way with VR.

It’s kind of an exciting time for No Man’s Sky, which for someone that bought into the hype at launch and was sorely disappointed, is a fun feeling to have once again. No Man’s Sky Beyond may just be the update that pulls me back in and I’m perfectly okay with that. We’ll definitely have more to say when No Man’s Sky Beyond is released sometime this summer.