No Man's Sky Can Drop Below 30 Fps on PS4, but There's an Easy Workaround

Picking up No Man’s Sky on the PS4 and worried about how well it runs? Well, you can relax. The game appears to run at a solid 1800/30fps a lot of the time, with dips occurring only every now and then.

Digital Foundry’s early analysis of the game with the day one update installed revealed that even heavily populated planets fail to make the frame rate plummet, for the most part.

Digital Foundry was impressed with the stability:

“Whether it’s shooting chunks through the terrain, or sprinting around full-felt, that 30fps target doesn’t waver. And from the first 12 planets we’ve discovered and put to the test, it doesn’t appear to matter what climates or weather conditions are in play.”

However, it’s not all plain sailing as the game does occasionally dip down to 20fps or below when procedural generation is taxing the PS4’s CPU:

“Big drops do kick in when you really stress the engine, notably with fast movement near the ground in your aircraft. For example, frame-rates can plummet once you land on a brand new planet, and then immediately boost across its surface. In this case, the PS4 is struggling to meet the 33.3ms per-frame render time, while generating new scenery and details on the fly. These are calculations made a split-second before revealing the new terrain or object, and when it can’t keep up, we see dips to the 20fps line, and sometimes even lower.”

At times the game can drop to as low as 13fps, but thankfully players can limit the impact of these drops with the following method:

“This lasts as long as you continue pressing the engine and keep boosting full-speed in one direction. But once you double back on yourself with a full 180 turn, or even slow down, suddenly we’re back to an even 30fps again. From here, the frame-rate issues disappear once you start moving again.”

No Man’s Sky is out today for PS4 and Friday for PC players.

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