No Man’s Sky Developers Assess Damage After Destructive Flood: “We’ll Come Back Stronger”

No Man’s Sky Developers Assess Damage After Destructive Flood: “We’ll Come Back Stronger”

Christmas’ Eve is not always happy for everyone, and Hello Games, the 4-men team that impressed everyone with the trailer of the ambitious No Man’s Sky at the VGX was hit by a disaster yesterday as a river broke the bank near its office in Guildford, UK.

A river broke its bank nearby yesterday, and A LOT of water flooded in really quickly. A biblical amount. It was coming in the windows!

Today the good folks at the studio assessed the damage, giving some detail about the situation on Twitter:

We’ve lost most things – PCs, monitors, furniture, a door, a wall. You’d think the massive water cooled mega PC would be ok? It was not.

Lots of personal stuff lost (my console collection! my super rare neo geo pocket!) – that line between home and office is a little blurry.

Luckily, they promised not to let themselves be discouraged, tweeting with humble determination:

We’re taking stock today, but already I know we’ll come back stronger – all we’ll need is a place to work and a machine to work on.

They also managed to crack a joke, since in this kind of situation you have to try and stay positive:

If one more person tweets ‘every flood procedural’ I’m gonna… lol each time. Gotta laugh init.

Hello Games has been through rough times before, and looks like they have another trial to overcome now. Our hearts and thoughts are with them (and with the many that suffered damage and losses due to the terrible weather of the last few days), trusting that they’ll soon impress us again with the next showing of No Man’s Sky.

Hopefully the story about them standing up and coming back stronger after this disaster will be a positive Christmas tale to tell next year.