No Man’s Sky Developer Included a Heartfelt Message in Australian Review Copies of the Game

on August 9, 2016 7:34 AM

No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray wrote and included a very humbling message with every Australian review copy of the game.

Australian reviewers of No Man’s Sky got a little something extra with their copy of the game: a message from Sean Murray himself, talking about his childhood, growing up in Australia and watching the stars in the sky at night.

Murray talks about how No Man’s Sky may have generated massive amounts of hype, and hopes that some people will feel like they’ve been transported into the cover of a sci-fi book.

Posted on Twitter by Australian Gamespot editor, Edmond Tran, you can check out the heartfelt message down below.


Sean, I hope you can finally get a good night’s sleep after this hectic launch week – you’ve definitely earned it!

Bad at video games, decent at writing.