No Man's Sky Developer Hello Games Says its Next "Huge" Project is in Development

Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Sky, has slowly started to work on its next major game which has been likened to the spacefaring-sim in ambition.

September 2, 2020

After a launch that left some players upset in some ways, Hello Games has found redemption with No Man’s Sky in the years since its 2016 launch through continuous updates and newly-added content. After so much work on this title though, it seems as though the developer has slowly started to shift its focus to its next landmark title.

Speaking to Polygon, Hello Games head Sean Murray discussed what’s next for the studio and said that it has begun development on its next “huge” and “ambitious” title, which he likened to No Man’s Sky. In the wake of the release of NMS, Hello Games has grown to 26 people in total. Of this number, Murray says that a portion of 23 different developers have started to work on this next game, while another group continues to toil away on No Man’s Sky. Meanwhile, the other three members of this number recently worked on The Last Campfire, which the studio released last week.


Even though that might seem like a pretty small group of people that are working on Hello Games’ next title, it’s actually pretty sizable compared to before. When No Man’s Sky first began, the development team was only comprised of six people in total. The fact that nearly double that total of people is already working on the company’s upcoming project seems to be promising.

As for the game itself, Murray has, for now, declined to give away any information about it. Additionally, he also expressed that he’s not certain how the studio will go about showcasing it when the time comes. Previously with No Man’s Sky, one of the reasons why people felt burned when the game launched was because it didn’t live up to expectations of what was shown pre-release. While Murray admitted that promoting No Man’s Sky so strongly was definitely beneficial for the game, he also says that he believes some opportunities weren’t “super important to the overall outcome” of the title.

Considering Murray’s silence about Hello Games’ next project, and given the fact that the entire studio still isn’t fully-concentrated on it just yet, it would seem that we’re still a way out from seeing or hearing more of it. Still, considering what No Man’s Sky has become over the years, it’s exciting to think about what the developer could be cooking up next.

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