No Man’s Sky Tease Indicates a Large Update to Come This August

No Man’s Sky Tease Indicates a Large Update to Come This August

Hello Games seems to be communicating to fans through an alternate-reality game that a large No Man's Sky update is coming soon.

You may recall that it wasn’t so long ago when we told you about a set of cassette tapes that had been sent by developer Hello Games to the official No Man’s Sky reddit page moderators. By decoding some of these cassettes, the No Man’s Sky community had discovered the word “portal.” Well, since then the community has been hard at work further applying the information they’ve gleaned from Hello Games’ plot, and there has been a development pointing towards some big changes coming to the game.

Waking Titan, an alternate-reality game that began in June, seemed to share some similarities with the project that the No Man’s Sky community was cracking away at. Since then, No Man’s Sky and Waking Titan have been linked as likely to be connected, and a Waking Titan file has been released, indicating a new “project” coming in August, signed off by “S.M.” If S.M. is supposed to be Hello Games’ Sean Murray, this document would lead us to believe that a major update will be coming to No Man’s Sky soon.


A new website has also gone live, apparently by a mysterious organization known as The Atlas Foundation. By entering an email address, the website’s visitors volunteer to “become an Atlas Foundation Citizen Scientist and to help to understand the nature of reality itself.” By subscribing to the mailing list, you are then asked various questions presumably to determine your viability as a Citizen Scientist.

If this is indeed an elaborate scheme designed by Hello Games to reveal the next content update coming to No Man’s Sky, then it’s likely to be a big one. The previous updates that came to the game introduced some sizable changes and Hello Games never deemed it necessary to provide such fanfare. Time will only tell on this one.