No Man’s Sky Origins Launch Trailer Revealed, Available Now

No Man’s Sky Origins Launch Trailer Revealed, Available Now

No Man's Sky Origins is set to expand the whole universe of the game with new planets and start systems.

No Man’s Sky Origins is yet another big update for the original game that adds millions of new planets to the existing solar systems in the game along with tons of new features.

Despite launching their brand new game this year, Hello Games will still be committed to supporting No Man’s Sky for a long time. Today, the developers shared the launch trailer for No Man’s Sky Origins, the latest update that brings millions of new planets, some rare star systems, a refreshed user-interface, a new alien race, and much more.

According to the patch notes, the new planets will host gorgeous landscape and never-before-seen environments, which makes it much worthier to explore them one after another and enjoy your inter-galaxy tour. As you step into the new planets, you will face an all-new category of critters in the game called Fauna. These moderately big species are able to fly over the planets as well as moving slowly on the surface.

No Man’s Sky Origins hosts a bunch of new historical stories, a revamped photo mode with new filters, more varied colors in the world-building, swamps and marshes on some planets, much varied clouds and weather system, new lighting conditions, volcanos, fire storms, gravitational anomalies, tornados, monster-size inects, sandworms, exploration guides, improved creature behaviours, meteors, new items, anomalous buildings, infestations, and some other gameplay and quality enhancements.

Since No Man’s Sky‘s launch back in 2016, the game has been receiving continuous content support from the developers for free across all platforms. Last year, Hello Games launched No Man’s Sky Beyond as a ground-breaking update for the game, delivering a lot of brand new features to the game and tackling dozens of annoying issues.

No Man’s Sky Origins is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game is available for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.