No Man's Sky Visions Update Is Arriving Tomorrow, Here's What to Expect

The Visions update has been officially revealed.

Yesterday we saw an unlisted trailer for No Man’s Sky‘s upcoming titled update called “Visions” but the official page detailing more was not yet live. It is now.

The Visions update bring the game to version 1.75 and introduces a large number of land-based content. There are new planetary biomes which ensure planets are more diverse and weirder. There are also new creatures that join the new shades of grass and skies, offering more unique worlds.

We have just seen the Abyss update introduce players to an underwater world to explore, and the arrival of the Visions update will bring new types of water variations. This will ensure both underwater and above water scapes feel different to other worlds. There are also rainbows now thanks to the new atmospheric types bringing storms, and those storms can bring forth crystal treasures. These crystals only form during extreme weather and can be traded for money.

Planets can be explored for mysterious artifacts that can be claimed as trophies and then shown off inside habitable bases. If you’re a fan of archeology then you’ll be able to now explore planets for ancient bones of lifeforms. Finding intact and complete skeletons are rare and can yield a good deal of money. Crashed freighters are now procedurally generated, offering a wide range of variations while players explore them for cargo.

Along with skeletons to explore, the worlds can have destroyed satellites littered across the lands and can have parts salvaged. However, salvaging these might cause a risk of attracting new corrupted sentinel drones. There is also flora that can pose a threat but offer good rewards if you’re careful and get close enough. Otherwise, these carnivorous trap plants, and bloated gas flora can be taken care off from a distance.

Also included in No Man’s Sky‘s Visions update are rock creatures that retreat if you attempt to mine them, but if you keep at it you’ll be able to extract concentrated resource rewards.

No Man’s Sky will now allow players to share their progress in missions while working towards common goals. Players that discover the Visions universe will unlock a new Eye of the Korvax helmet which can be viewed in the gallery below. On top of all these new features and various bug fixes to the game, there are new emotes to perform and craftable fireworks to launch into the sky.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Visions update will land tomorrow, November 22 for available platforms.

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