Latest No Man’s Sky Update Revealed, Titled “Visions” and Brings More Content and Features

Latest No Man’s Sky Update Revealed, Titled “Visions” and Brings More Content and Features

New stuff is incoming for No Man's Sky!

No Man’s Sky has only just received its last update called “Abyss” that saw the game take players deep underwater with new biomes, fish, base building upgrades, and even a submarine to travel the undercurrents. A new update has been leaked on the official Hello Games YouTube channel, you can find it below providing it remains unlisted.

The update is called “Visions” and seemingly takes players back onto dry land, with more varied and diverse landscapes to traverse. The update will introduce new environmental biomes to explore, different planet types, more colorful worlds, and new fauna and flora to discover.

There’s also archaeology, salvaging and much more apparently, but the link to the official update page displays a “page not found” error.

In the video, we see a greater palette variety and some collective exploration trophies being shown off within a base. There are also going to be procedural crash sites scattered around now, and scrap that can be salvaged. You’ll also be able to locate rare lucrative skeletons buried underground and use new emotes to communicate with your friends.

The video also mentions global community missions now share progress globally, and the Visions update will now bring improved skies and atmospherics which introduce rainbows! There are storm activated crystals that come with extreme climates, and if you fancy celebrations you’ll be able to construct fireworks that can be launched.

The update was obviously not due to be revealed right now so there’s still a fair amount of information we don’t know about, such as any unexplained features, dates, and the consoles the update will be coming to.

The NEXT update for No Man’s Sky brought the title back to life, and since then the title has been getting content updates. It is also getting large titled updates such as Abyss, and now the upcoming Visions.

We’ll keep eyes out for when more details are available and let you know. No Man’s Sky is available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.