No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Updated with New Waking Titan Website

No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Updated with New Waking Titan Website

The No Man's Sky community has been part of an ARG for a couple of months. A new website has appeared for Hello Games' upcoming update.

The No Man’s Sky community has been hard at work deciphering a recent Alternate Reality Game being put on by the game’s developer Hello Games.  The official No Man’s Sky reddit moderators have been through cryptic cassette tapes featuring distorted audio, as well as a recently released file that suggests a new, big update will be coming to No Man’s Sky this August. Today, there was a new development with the surfacing of a website seemingly linked to this drawn-out project.

The Waking Titan website doesn’t seem like much at first, but upon entering commands into its fields, you’re greeted by various replies. For example, entering “List Commands” prompts a list of a few commands available for entry, or entering “ship” brings up an image of a No Man’s Sky spacecraft.

Clearly, Hello Games expects people to heavily experiment with this site to glean some clues as to what the Waking Titan update might entail. Upon navigating through the list of sigils near the bottom of the website, you can select a globe, which opens a new TOP SECRET file from one Major Sophie Dubois to Elizabeth Leighton, providing a status update on Project Waking Titan, as well as noting several aspects regarding its participants, such as their “high cognitive ability” and “great teamwork reflexes.” It seems Hello Games may be referencing thoughts about the No Man’s Sky community’s success over the course of this ARG.

It’s unclear when in August we can expect this No Man’s Sky update, but according to a note in the above-referenced file, Waking Titan is “on schedule.”