No Man’s Sky Was Almost Not Shown at VGX 2013

on February 6, 2014 1:56 PM

Hello Games’ upcoming science-fiction game, No Man’s Sky, took the gaming community by storm during their surprise reveal and teaser trailer during VGX 2013. For some – including myself – it was the highlight of the show, and it was one of the more interesting games shown. It appears that the game came very close to not being shown at VGX 2013 at all, and one can only wonder how the hype and anticipation would differ today had the reveal not taken place.

“I showed the video to about ten people before we went live with the VGXs and eight of them told me to not show it, that it wasn’t good enough and that it was a very strange game that people wouldn’t understand,” Hello Games’ Sean Murray told Edge, “and I agreed with them, and I was actually trying to get them to not show the video.” The intervention of Geoff Keighley was one of the factors that lead to the footage eventually being shown. “Geoff Keighley fought for us to have a place there, and really stood up for us and told us it was something we should show,” Mr. Murray explained.

Despite recent floods and damage to their workspace, development on No Man’s Sky has continued.

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