No Man's Sky Available on Xbox Game Pass Starting Next Month

Besides arriving on Xbox Game Pass, No Man's Sky will also be launching on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PC Players.

May 26, 2020

Since coming out nearly two years ago, No Man’s Sky has gone through some changes. It now has fully functional multiplayer, base building, mech suits and more. And very soon, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to experience all of Hello Games’ infinite universe simulator.

Starting this coming June, No Man’s Sky will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass, as well as on the Microsoft Store on PC. In an announcement post on Xbox Wire, Hello Games Programmer Sean Murray wrote on his excitement for the title’s upcoming debut on the game subscription service, saying: “To those Xbox Game Pass members and Windows 10 PC gamers who have yet to had a chance to explore the universe and perhaps see what your other Xbox friends have been doing all this time, we are excited to welcome you and hope our devoted and welcoming community make you feel at home.”


Admittedly, Murray is right about one thing – if there was ever a time to hop into No Man’s Sky, it’s now. The game has gone through 10 major updates since its rocky 2016 launch and is now filled with content both expected and not. Earlier I listed base building and mech suits, which for a sci-fi game set in space, aren’t too hard to imagine. However, going through a mission path to grow a living alien ship certainly wasn’t. Neither was ByteBeat, a fully fleshed out music composition program built directly into the game and added in its December 16, 2019 update.

If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass and want to avoid paying for it, now is still a good time to pick up No Man’s Sky if you’re interested. On Xbox, the game is currently discounted from its normal $49.99 price tag to just $24.99. For PC players, Steam is currently running a weeklong sale on the game, bringing its price down to $29.99.


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