No More Heroes 3 Gameplay Finally Unveiled

The first official gameplay from No More Heroes 3 has finally arrived and it looks exactly like what longtime fans have been asking for.

October 28, 2020

While No More Heroes 3 creator Suda51 teased some of the gameplay from the upcoming installment in the series a few months back in a rather obscure way, today we have finally gotten our first official look at how the game will end up playing.

Much to be expected, No More Heroes 3 looks to be in-line with the combat from the first two entries in the series. While Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes took the series in a bit of a different direction, NMH3 will again take place from the third-person perspective and will see Travis Touchdown hacking and slashing enemies to pieces with his beam katana. Oh, and he still knows how to perform a suplex, too.


You can get a look at the gameplay footage here:

Noticeably, No More Heroes 3 looks like it’s going to have a bit more flair than what we’ve seen in the past. While the general gameplay looks quite similar, some of the moves that Travis can be seen performing have more style than in the past. Given the fact that his foes this time around are also superheroes from outer space, it stands to reason that the story should be just as wild as the gameplay, too.

In other No More Heroes news from today’s Nintendo Direct, it was also confirmed that the first two entries in the franchise are coming to Switch, with both being available today.

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