No More Heroes 3's Newest Trailer is Insane, Set to Release in 2020

The newest trailer for No More Heroes 3 seems like it has almost nothing to do with the actual game but it's fantastic nonetheless.

Of all the trailers that debuted recently during The Game Awards 2019, the latest for the long-awaited sequel No More Heroes 3 ended up being one of the more memorable videos that was revealed.

The full, five-minute trailer for No More Heroes 3 has almost nothing to do with the franchise’s iconic character of Travis Touchdown at all. Instead, it focuses on the story of a young boy finding an alien named Fu. This boy, named Damon, takes care of Fu before the alien leaves in his rocket, promising to return twenty years later. The trailer then jumps ahead twenty years and Fu returns, but his motives are now much more sinister. Fu begins attacking the planet and vows to take it over, much to the dismay of Damon. We then see a title appear for what seems to be a game called “Goddamn Superhero” before it then cuts and is instead revealed to be part of No More Heroes 3.

Essentially, Fu seems like the main antagonist of No More Heroes 3 and it will be up to Travis Touchdown to stop him and his crew. While in past games, Travis has largely done battle with Earth’s greatest assassins, it seems that in NMH3 he’ll have to conquer foes from outer space. It’s definitely a goofy and ridiculous plot and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Likely the best part of the trailer though comes at the very end when it is revealed that No More Heroes 3 is aiming to release next year in 2020. That said, Travis Touchdown himself seemingly admits that hitting that window could be a tall task. “2020 release? Ha! Good luck,” he says as the trailer concludes, essentially poking fun at the development team’s hopes of launching the game next year.

You can check out the new trailer for No More Heroes 3 down below. I highly encourage you to give the full thing a watch because it’s excellent.

If No More Heroes 3 is going to release next year, exclusively on Switch, we should start seeing a whole lot more footage of it as we enter 2020.

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