No More Heroes 3 Trailer Allegedly Features Stolen Animation

No More Heroes 3 Trailer Allegedly Features Stolen Animation

A surprise accusation puts a damper on the hype generated from last night's No More Heroes 3 trailer: it stole animation from another studio.

Last night fans of the No More Heroes franchise were treated to a crazy awesome trailer for No More Heroes 3 during The Game Awards. However, it seems that there’s a glaring issue only exposed now — according to Studio Plumeau the brief FX animation that flashes across the game’s title logo is plagiarized completely from the studio. Plumeau’s Twitter account even posted a side by side comparison showing the exact frames of animation that were lifted:

The studio then further elaborated on how and when the original animation was created, which was all the way back in 2013:

Plagiarism is all too common in a variety of creative industries yet never fails to be upsetting when it’s exposed. Hopefully this issue can be resolved and Studio Plumeau at the very least properly compensated for the animation taken.

The brand new No More Heroes 3 trailer premiered last night and features the following wild synopsis: The full, five-minute trailer for No More Heroes 3 has almost nothing to do with the franchise’s iconic character of Travis Touchdown at all. Instead, it focuses on the story of a young boy finding an alien named Fu. This boy, named Damon, takes care of Fu before the alien leaves in his rocket, promising to return twenty years later.

The trailer then jumps ahead twenty years and Fu returns, but his motives are now much more sinister. Fu begins attacking the planet and vows to take it over, much to the dismay of Damon. We then see a title appear for what seems to be a game called “Goddamn Superhero” before it cuts away and is instead revealed to be part of No More Heroes 3.

The game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and its release window is set for sometime in 2020, although Travis gleefully pokes fun at this by stating “2020 release? Ha! Good luck” at the end of the trailer. The game was first revealed during Nintendo’s E3 Direct in June.

According to Suda51 in an interview from back in November, the game is currently about 35-40 percent complete. Suda also confirmed the return of motion controls to the series. He goes onto say the challenge with adding them came from the Nintendo Switch’s hardware capabilities. Additionally, he confirms actor and composer Nobuaki Kanko will work on the game’s soundtrack.