No Move Support for BioShock Infinite, 3D Possible

No Move Support for BioShock Infinite, 3D Possible


What a waste of money those motion control peripherals are, I’ve been preaching it for ages. In spite of my ramblings, developers have been shelling out Move – and to a lesser extent, Kinect – enabled titles like there’s no tomorrow. BioShock Infinite will fortunately not be one of those games.  Ken Levine, head of the project, had this to say about the absence of Move functionality in the highly anticipated spin-off:

“I’d never want to throw in Move support just because it’s going to make some first party happy or because some marketing department wants it on the box because, at the end of the day, gamers know. If you don’t have anything special to say about that control device gamers are going to know. Do you want to play BioShock and it’s like, ‘okay, do you want to harvest or save Little Sister? Waggle left to harvest, waggle right to save!’ You can have Move support on your box but people are going to know you’re cheating them.”

Wonderfully said Mr. Levine! Motion control support for the point of motion control support doesn’t do any good. Check out what he had to say on a less severe note about 3D support after the break.

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“3D is a little bit different… it’s something I’d be more open to. I’m not saying whether we’re doing that or not but it’s sort of a passive integration. Unlike movies, you don’t just shoot it differently. Games are 3D. But I think if you’re going to get out, front and centre on something, you have to be able to say you’re doing something special with it. Especially with a control device.”

I really like Mr. Levine. He’s a no half-stepping kind of guy. Hopefully, if BioShock Infinite does end up featuring 3D, it will also feature 1080p, as explored here. BioShock Infinite will be available next year for HD consoles and the PC.