“No Plans” to Run PS2 and PS3 Games on the Vita, Says Sony

on February 17, 2012 10:45 AM

Oldschool PlayStation fans are packing a sad this morning, as Sony has stated that PlayStation 2 and 3 titles will not be tweaked to play on the Vita. PS2 games released on the PlayStation Network will remain restricted to the PS3.

“PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point,” said Sony. “Users can play supported digital PSP titles and supported minis.” Eventually, so they say, the Vita will be able to support PSOne games. Just not right now. The company did not give a time frame for when they would make it so, either.

What do you think — should PlayStation console titles be made available to play on the Vita? Would you tote Valkyrie Profile or ICO around on the go?

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