No PS+ Discounts for DC Universe Online

By Jon Ireson

July 24, 2010

Today there was certainly a stir due to a little rumor which happened to emerge about the upcoming super-hero MMO DC Universe Online heading to PC and PlayStation 3 this November which DualShockers has confirmed to be false (see updated story). In the seeking of truth to this story even more information was uncovered pertaining to PS+ and DCUO which the gaming world may be interested to know. Not only was the original source wrong, but the truth is almost the complete opposite. Read on to find out.

As an online service known for providing discounts to PSN gamers, it is perhaps surprising to note that DC Universe Online will not receive any such discount offer for PS+ subscribers. The game will indeed cost $14.99 a month to play on the PlayStation 3 as well as PC in addition to the initial purchase cost of buying the game itself. Players will not receive any special treatment for subscribing to PS+. This has been directly confirmed by Sony Online Entertainment to DualShockers. We want to know from you, the reader, if whether or not this makes it a dealbreaker on whether to pass on DCUO or pick it up? Let us know in the comments section.

Just for the record, when we say discount, we’re referring to the subscription, not micro-transactions or DLC. Nothing has been said about that YET.

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