No Sequel for Enslaved, it Didn’t Do Well Enough

No Sequel for Enslaved, it Didn’t Do Well Enough

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was one of the “sleeper hits” of last year, it just didn’t sell very well, although it had great characterization and cinematography. Unfortunately for those who were hoping for a sequel, it looks like it won’t happen. Ninja Theory, for their part, seems rather bent that their game sold so poorly, and frankly, I can’t blame them.

Tameem Antoniades, from Ninja Theory, stated straight up that, “Enslaved should have done better. Right now, we should have been doing a sequel and perfecting that sequel and doing what franchises do, which is get better over time. Because that didn’t happen, we’ve not expanded to two teams like we intended to. So we’ve remained a smaller shop.”

He goes on to imply that it’s Devil May Cry‘s fault, somehow, by the remark, “But now we get another chance with DmC.” It may not be what he was intending to imply, but it kind of seems like, “You bastards didn’t buy enough Enslaved and so now we’re left with rebooting DmC, which no one wanted anyway.”

Regardless, I’m not entirely sure Enslaved should have a sequel, although it was a great game and it’s sitting on my shelf right now. Some games just don’ t need them. But, it is kind of a downer that the studio itself couldn’t expand because of it.