No Strings Attached: The StreetPass Hook Up - Day 1

By Allen Park

April 5, 2011

If you’re like me, you caved into irresponsible consumerism last week and got your hands on Nintendo’s newest money-printing behemoth, the 3DS. The glasses-free 3D screen is indeed revolutionary, and may or may not have detached my corneas numerous times already, but another feature that seems to be getting a surprising amount of heavy burn is the StreetPass feature. It’s the 3DS equivalent of social networking, a way for fellow 3DS owners to exchange information with each other.

What essentially happens is when the 3DS goes into sleep mode StreetPass is instantly activated. What does this mean? Well, whenever you pass by anyone else with StreetPass on, an instantaneous transfer of data will happen, whether you like it or not, where your Mii will be transferred to their device, and vice-versa. A blinking green light later, and boom, you have a brand spanking new, potentially ugly Mii in your Mii Plaza.

I initially couldn’t have cared less for this feature, especially since San Diego isn’t exactly like downtown Tokyo, but after hearing from numerous friends about how they received random hits via StreetPass just from carrying their handhelds around while doing chores, I got curious. When would I get my first hit on StreetPass, or for that matter, how many could I possibly get? Am I doomed to be FOREVER ALONE, at least until E3?

This is a journal chronicling my adventure. The goal: get as many hits as I can. The time limit: 30 days.

Seeing as how this would be my inaugural hunt for helpless young Mii’s, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. So, I decided to mirror my buddy’s tactics and just take the 3DS with me wherever I went. First up? Walking the dog at the park. It’d be a stretch to find someone playing Nintendogs + Cats at the park, but hey, I’ve seen two portly chaps practice capoeira there before, terribly I may add, so anything is possible.

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Unfortunately, half an hour out there running with my dog proved to be futile. The park was oddly quiet today, with not even one other dog out there attempting to take advantage of my dog’s fragrant, ripe backside. Hmm, I’m going to have to rethink this.

…hey, I have to go to the post office! That’s in a relatively crowded shopping mall, right next to a Starbucks. Nerds love bubble wrap and bad coffee, right? Turns out, at 3PM, they don’t: I don’t think I’ve ever seen the post office that empty in quite a while. There wasn’t even a huge line full of cantankerous old people and busy looking douchebags in tacky suits with Bluetooth headsets connected to nothing in particular.

Dejected, I decided to drive back home. There wasn’t much else that needed doing, and it was clear I would need to plan ahead to get the maximum exposure, especially in a sleepy town like mine.

So yeah, my Mii Plaza is still a one person strong population. Not to fret though; I have some very awesome plans for tomorrow that are bound to nab me at least one Mii.

Next: Maximum exposure: my 3DS hits the beach in a manthong…

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