No, This Last of Us 2 Cosplay isn't a Screenshot

By Natalie Schmidt

October 13, 2021

The Last of Us Part 2 has inspired no small number of cosplays, but this one looks straight out of the game.

Cosplayers always amaze with their ability to pull iconic characters from our screens and into real life. With a good, real-life representation of our favorite characters, players can bring memorable moments and characters to life.

In particular, The Last of Us Part 2 has had some truly stunning moments, visually and narratively. With powerful characters like protagonist Ellie and the tough Abby, it’s no wonder why some cosplayers would turn to Naughty Dog’s game for inspiration.

Far Cry 6: Launch Accolades Trailer

Far Cry 6: Launch Accolades Trailer

Along with that, Russian cosplayer Victoria Bulycheva and a team of others have crafted a truly beautiful Last of Us 2 cosplay. Aiming to be as faithful to the original video game as possible, Bulycheva has truly done justice to the character.


Looking at these gorgeously framed images below, you’d have to do a double-take to believe they’re photos, not screenshots. Bulycheva looks near exactly like Ellie in the character’s iconic Converse shoes, tattoo, and dystopian style.

Bulycheva’s Last of Us 2 Cosplay is stunningly accurate to Ellie’s character model in the game. Thanks to her makeup skills and the wig styled by Ash of @nata_ziron, Bulycheva perfectly captures Ellie’s post-apocalyptic look and attitude.

And, of course, what Ellie cosplay could be complete without her guitar. Surrounded by her various weapons, like her bow and arrow, machete, and gun, she channels The Last of Us 2‘s teaser images for the photos below.

These beautifully cinematic photos were taken by Dorian *photo&art*, assisted by @cossneg. You can check out more of their cosplay photography work on their Instagrams, as well as Dorian’s and Cossneg’s VK pages.

Bulycheva’s various weapon props, like her hyper-realistic machete and gun prop, were provided by @perfect_layer_props on Instagram. The flashlight and bow and arrow set were made by cosplay crafter @larnirhaigh.

To top it all off, Bulycheva even recreated one of the game’s most memorable and heartbreaking scenes. While cosplay craft is in and of itself an impressive feat, her acting and posing skills take this cosplay to the next level. You can see more images from the cinematic shoot down below.

Check out her TLOU 2 Highlight on Instagram to see more behind-the-scenes photos, and to get a look at the making-of for this brilliant Ellie cosplay. It’s always fascinating to see how something so realistic and beautiful comes together, and I for one will be keeping my eyes out for more cosplays from Bulycheva.

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