Nobuo Uematsu and Earthbound Papas Performing at Magfest X

on November 5, 2011 10:00 AM

According to the organizers of the event, the yearly gaming and music festival in Baltimore coming up this January, renowned videogame composer Nobuo Uematsu and his new band Earthbound Papas will be performing at this year’s Magfest.

The band is made up of several videogame composers and arrangers, a few of which, including Uematsu, were previously involved with The Black Mages. Both bands focus on rock-style arrangements of videogame soundtracks, and both are very awesome.

Magfest X runs from January 5-8, and it’s looking to be even bigger than it has been previously, so get your tickets early if you want to catch Uematsu and his band in action.

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