Noir Horror Adventure The Piano to Launch This Spring with Voice Acting

Noir Horror Adventure The Piano to Launch This Spring with Voice Acting

After five years of creating, the indie title and noir-style murder mystery, The Piano, will see a release coming this spring on Steam.

The Piano is five years in the making and is preparing for a Spring 2018 release, but the game is still in active development. According to recent statements from developer Mistaken Visions, the voice acting for the various characters is being recorded. The partnership of Mistaken Visions and indie game consultancy, Game If You Are, has allowed for the addition of voice acting to be added into the game.

Jonathan Stemmildt is the creator of The Piano, and he stated:

Five years ago, I had the idea of making a horror game that wasn’t just about the scares, but which featured a deep and personal story that players could become emotionally invested in. It was my first game and I never really expected much to come of it – but suddenly, something I dreamed about for years is becoming reality, and time is just flying by. It feels great!

Taking place after the Great War, player and discover answers to key questions on different murders. John Barnerway is being accused of them and is at the center of a witch-hunt because of it.What we know about John Barnerway is that he lived in the shadows of his three brothers and was born to a French mother and an American father after the Great War.

The Piano is a psychological horror where players will dive into John’s mind. Evade foes in the streets of Paris while gathering clues to help solve puzzles towards the answers you seek. In this dark noir setting, combine the pieces to uncover truths through its fragmented story.

The Piano releases in the Spring of 2018 exclusively for PC. Want to know more about The Piano? Check out the reveal trailer down below: