Nomura Asks Fans for Even More Patience for New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

on May 4, 2012 9:00 PM

I think the worst thing about the huge wait fans are bearing for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the lack of overall information. I mean, if you’re going to announce a game 6+ years before it even has a release date, then at the very least we should be getting updates on a regular basis. But noooo, Square Enix has to be unbelievably quiet about the game, showing nothing but a couple of CG trailers and a droplet of game-play (shown at a freaking private event, the nerve).

In a recent interview about Kingdom Hearts 3D, designer Tetsuya Nomura was accosted once again about new details on the title. And once again, Nomura-san asked that fans be very patient in waiting for new information. He also says that the team is working to bring us new details “as quickly as possible”. If this wait is teaching us anything, it’s that we should just kind of forget about the game until it hits store shelves. This is just far too stressful.

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