Battle Splash Brings Non-Violent Team-Based Water Gun Action to Open Alpha on PC

Those looking for a non-violent third person shooter should look no further. Battle Splash has entered open alpha on PC today.

Dranya Studios have announced that its upcoming team based non-violent third person water gun shooter Battle Splash has officially entered alpha on PC.

Ironically, the non-violent team based shooter draws inspiration from ultra violent games such as Quake, DOOM and Team Fortress 2. The game aims to capture the same feel as classic arena shooters while blending the innocent fun of water gun fights we all enjoyed as kids. This is a great game for those looking for a team based shooter without having to worry about all of the violence currently seen in most if not all third and first person shooters.

Battle Splash currently features eSports oriented design such as weapon balance and strategic gameplay. The game also features four different character classes, each with their own different attributes and abilities. Players can wield a variety of futuristic water guns and water balloons to customize their gameplay style to their liking. The game currently allows for solo matches vs AI bots and online multiplayer battles for up to 32 players.

The alpha version of Battle Splash includes online multiplayer capabilities, which will allow players to connect with others online for some friendly water gun matches. This version of the game also improves and fixes many features in the game based on pre-alpha feedback including; aiming, optimizations and network fixes.

Battle Splash is currently available in an alpha state on PC via

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