Norman Reedus Is “in Talks” Regarding Another Hideo Kojima Project

Norman Reedus Is “in Talks” Regarding Another Hideo Kojima Project

The duo seems to be planning their next project.

Norman Reedus has sparked up a friendship with Hideo Kojima over the years, finding him to be a player model in P.T. from back in 2014, and then taking the main protagonist role in Kojima Productions’ 2019 delivery simulator, Death Stranding. It appears as if the duo aren’t done yet.

In a video “Autocomplete” interview with Wired, Reedus answers the internets commonly asked questions. Did you know, he met a girl in Toyko, who lived in New York, who asked him to move to Los Angeles, while he was living in Spain, which saw him getting a job in California, which led to a part in a play. Confusing, I know, but what a story!

Anyway, there’s a question regarding his most recent appearance in a video game as you’d expect, with Reedus answering one question about Death Stranding. He explains how Guillermo del Toro told him that he was expecting a call from Hideo Kojima and that they should work together. Reedus says he was “blown away” by what Kojima was working on, and that he’s a “super genius” and that the two became friends.

“We did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff,” he adds. A bit later in the video, he says that he’s “talking to Hideo about maybe doing some Death Stranding stuff,” which could indicate the two are working on DLC or, who knows, a sequel.

Hideo Kojima has been working on Death Stranding for years now, and in a Famitsu interview earlier this year, Kojima teased that he would “like to try doing smaller games, like episodic games and digital-only games.” He’s also been thinking about his next project before Death Stranding even launched, “I’m already thinking about the next project, and the next, next project, and I’m trying to prepare things.” Additionally, he intends to make movies in the future.

There’s a good deal of things the two could be working on, but one thing for sure is that they enjoy working together and whatever they create will be interesting to see come to light. What are your expectations as to what could be in the works?

Death Stranding is available for PS4 and will be launching on PC this year.