North American PSN Disney Sale Now Live; Including Disney Infinity 3.0, Epic Mickey 2 and More

on December 1, 2015 7:41 PM

In this week’s North American PSN sale, Disney titles are one of the stars with plenty of themed games (both old and new) deeply discounted.

The full list of sale titles are shown below (including Disney Infinity 3.0 and Epic Mickey 2), and you can go here to purchase any that may catche your interest:

-Disney Infinity 3.0 Digital Edition: 14.99
-Frozen Free-Fall: Snowball Fight – Flurry (DLC of some kind): 2.50

-Cars 2 The Game: 5.00
-Disney Infinity 3.0 Digital Edition: 14.99
-Disney Universe: 5.00
-Epic Mickey 2 PS3: 5.00
-Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: 5.00
-Phinas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension: 5.00
-Split/Second: 5.00
-Toy Story 3: 5.00
-Toy Story Mania: 5.00
-Brave The Game: 5.00

PS1 Classics (Playable on PS3, PS1, and PSP)
-Hercules (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Lilo and Stitch (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Return to Neverland (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Emperor’s New Grove (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Little Mermaid II (PS1 Cassic): 1.50
-A Bugs Life (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Toy Story Racer (PS1 Classic): 1.50
-Toy Story 2 (PS1 Classic): 1.50

PSP/PS Vita:
-JellyCar 2: 0.75
-Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (PSP Version): 2.50
-Split/Second PSP: 5.00
-Tron Evolution PSP: 5.00

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