Nosgoth Starts ‘Devil’s Night’ Halloween Event; Now Supports Private Matches

on October 27, 2014 8:53 PM

Nosgoth, the 4v4 human against vampire arena combat game based in the Legacy of Kain series, has now started its special Halloween Event.

‘Devil’s Night’ will last from now until November 3rd and grants players with the chance to earn ghostly exotic versions of the games new Mystery Items and character special abilities. The ghostly items come with their own special FX and are only available during the Devil’s Night event, so you’ll want to scoop these up while you can because they aren’t going to be around forever.

Also included in today’s patch is the inclusion of Private Matches feature. The oft-requested feature will now let you create private lobbies to play with your friends in a more organized fashion. Private matches won’t earn you any drops or XP, but it does open up Nosgoth to competitive play and even the ability to build an eSports scene around it. This is further hammered home with the inclusion of the Noscam, a new feature that will let you watch replays of your matches and record highlights for distribution. These features are still a work in progress, so don’t expect them to all work perfectly with the new rollout as the developer addresses issues as they arise (it is a closed beta after all).

You can get into the closed beta of Nosgoth now on Steam for as little as $5 to go along with the added bonus of receiving some in-game currency as well. Easily one of the games that has surprised me most this year, I suggest taking a peek and seeing what it is all about while Devil’s Night is running this week to possibly find your next multiplayer game addiction. You can checkout the full list of changes in the update over at the official website.

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